Tension testing

Tension Testing in Bay Harbor

Here are some nice images of the conditions we sometimes need to work in.

This was a tension test we were performing in Bay Harbor during a week of very inclement weather!

What is tension testing, you ask?

First, we make a pyramid of concrete piles on (2) corners.

Lay (1) H-beam (horizontally) across the concrete piles being sure to be right over the (1) of the outside piles (whichever pile was determined to be used for uplift). We are sure to make the threaded bar comes thru H-Beam.

Then, we attach threaded bar extension with coupler and secure to the existing threaded bar that extends out of the installed test pile.

The next step is to set a jack thru the threaded bar sitting on top of beam.

The jack pulls up on the pile at least twice the tonnage capacity that was determined by engineer. This project will be a maximum of 100 Tons. Once the full capacity is reached it is held for 24 hours. This procedure takes approximately 8 hours lifting the jack in increments every hour. After 24 hour period the pressure in the jack is released slowly similar to lifting process.

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Tension Test #5